Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Morning of Pizza and Fun in the Garden

Yesterday was wonderful. I would post pictures of the 30 children and adults enjoying conversation and pizza in the garden except my camera died (so predictable -- and all my backup batteries were not charged).

Here's what the backyard looked like before the party (when the camera still functioned):

It was a beautiful day with bright sunshine and cool temperatures (please note the full green lawn -- we have a lawn!).

I left a basket of baking and gardening themed books by the bench under the weeping cherry.

Here is the businesslike yet cheerful pizzaiolo with his trusty companion.

We really had a wonderful time! And the children were incredibly respectful when I asked them not to climb on the weeping cherry and to stay on the paths. The garden survived quite well with the exception of a hosta that, truth be told, was crowding the path anyway and needed to be moved.

Luna is sniffing around for dropped pizza.

All ready for the next party!


k. a-bear said...

Looks great. Hoping for an invite to see the garden... I will bring tea! Not above begging...

Ann said...

My dear k. a-bear, you have an open invitation! Anytime -- bring nothing!

Eve said...

I love you was the muddy paws that got me..anyone who loves dogs and/or cats and loves gardening is alright with me. That bench with the books just looks so inviting. I hope you will visit me too. I have my first blog is about my garden, crafts, cooking, recipes and ramblings...