Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - July 2008

It's my first Bloom Day post! In my enthusiasm, I photographed every living thing in the garden. Then I had to cull. Here are the blooms that bring me joy right now. This is how I'm "praying with my eyes" and with my nose in regards to the jasmine and lilies!

I've been received some intense aromatherapy from the white oriental lilies and the jasmine by the patio. The late evening perfume is delicate yet powerfully affecting.

I found a little zinnia poking out of the crocosmia -- when will the crocosmia bloom? Must I wait much longer?

This Pentas was one of the plants I bought when blueberry picking to fill in spots after my manic culling of the ugly. I wonder if it will survive the winter since I'm not technically a zone 8, but some zone 8s winter over for me. It will be interesting to see what happens since I like having it here.

I find playing with the whites and greens so soothing in the mid-summer Virginia garden. When temps rise to over 95 degrees, the variegated foliage of the yucca and the simple whites of the phlox and the hydrangea paniculata are like a tall glass of limeade.

Before we left for our trip, I threw some old Scarlet Runner Bean seeds in the alley by the gate. They are running for sure now! Over the spent astilbe, the roses with black spot, and the struggling clematis. I'm going to do this every year, the spots of red are a nice focal point all the way in the back of the garden.

Rosie is growing these cosmos in her garden. As with the runner beans, these are old seeds from the basement fridge. What an incredible orange color.

The giant rudbeckia are a good 5 feet tall. No staking needed yet. I can't wait for the goldfinches to start flocking.

The globe thistle is fading, but it is still one of my favorite garden plants. Gorgeous in the garden and in flower arrangements, it's worth the staking. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the pictures!


Nicole said...

Welcome to blooms day! Lovely daylilies and zinnia. I also like the thistle. My jasmines are also blooming-such a heavenly scent.

Bonnie said...

Really gorgeous color. I love the globe thistle-such drama!

I wish I still had my jasmines for scent, but they are long gone. Enjoy yours!

Randy and Jamie said...

That first lily is incredible! The Scarlet Runner was on my wish list for this year but I never got any of them. I did find where I could by the seeds though so I will have them next year. Beautiful blooms.

Nan Ondra said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bloom Day, Ann! May this be the first of many GBBD posts from you. You certainly have lots of beautiful blooms to share, but I too am especially impressed by the scarlet runner bean. I'll definitely have to try that next year!

Cindy said...

I love the sent of oriental lilies and jasmine. That must be divine.
Your whole garden is lovely.

Carol said...

Happy bloom day, a few days late. I'm still working my way around to see what everyone has blooming. I can see why you wanted to take pictures of everything, your blooms look great. Thanks for joining in!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Parsec said...

Stunning photographs! You really have a nice garden. The globe thistle is very interesting. I may have to try growing one.

I also like the scarlet runner bean!