Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! Oh Pampas!

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted some of this fairy-tale-esque grass in my garden. Finally, after a spring trip to Colesville and very little attention, here are the plumes!

dwarf pampas grass (cortaderia selloana)

Her beauty makes up for the nearby "struggling border" -- next summer this wildflower patch will be alive with butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, but for now, I hope, seed, and water.


Melissa said...

Hi, Ann. I found your blog through Kindness girl (who I know through the birth circle). Your backyard is just amazing! It looks like a beautiful sanctuary and I'm jealous of the pizza oven.

The real reason I'm commenting is b/c I recognize you from your introductory post and I want to thank you. We met once at Jennifer D's solstice party nearly 2 years ago. You told me of your personal experience with chiropractic and ear infections. I took my then 9-month-old baby to a chiropractor and was able to get her through her chronic ear infections without unnecessary antibiotics or ear tubes. Also, I've spread the word to friends who have passed it on again and I know that many little ones have been helped by your kind words. I didn't know if I'd run into you again so I'm really happy to be able to thank you. Warmly, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann!
I don't have a comment about your pampas, other than they're beautiful! Your whole yard looks amazing. I have a question for you. I am cleaning up/pulling out this huge MESS of forsythia and hollies and years' worth of fallen leaves, and I'm wondering what to put in its place. It's at the end of my driveway, gets a decent amount of sun, but has a tall tree right above it that drops a LOT of leaves. I don't want a flower bed b/c I think it will be covered in brown by the end of winter. I'm thinking a flowering shrub that will get pretty big, or a small, pretty tree? Would you possibly have any suggestions? Is this like the wrongest time ever to be planting something like that? I know very little about this stuff, but I had motivation and a lopper today, so here I am. Thanks for any pointers!!!
- Holly Timberline

Laurie (Moo!) said...

I'm so glad you put a link to your "garden" blog! I've been wondering how to find you.

I LOVE pampas grass. So elegant and soft. So wavy. LOL!